Setup OKI C530dn color printer on Fedora Linux

For all the folks that want to use this old laser color printer together with a linux distribution, I wanted briefly share my experience with the setup. I used the LAN port of the printer and connected it with the WAN port of an GL-AR150 mini router to connect it with my Wifi. I did not test a direct USB connection.

Short form: Works easy and flawlessly, thanks to vendor’s driver.

Long form:

I found this OKI printer to be missing in the printer driver’s list on my Fedora installation. Looking around there seem to be some packages for Debian/Ubuntu for a driver – but not for Fedora.

Fortunately OKI is providing a driver on their webpage. When you download it you receive PPD file.

When setting up the printer you have to provide this file manually.Screenshot_20200828_085704

This was easy. Right after the printer started run. Even the status of the cartridges were reported and shown the printing dialog.


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