Wetab with Fedora 19 and Gnome 3.8 – failure

As described in a previous entry I was quite satisfied with Fedora and Gnome 3.6. running on the wetab. The good impression ended after updating to Fedora 19.

It’s a simple and stupid problem. The Gnome 3.8 shell is simply not recognizing touches on the screen as clicks anymore. Tapping on buttons in the top bar does select them somehow, but does not open open them. That way the interface is unusable, especially as the virtual keyboard is affected by the same problem and is not putting out any key input.

Well, I found out that I can open the “activities” when I slide with the finger to top of the activities button. After that some interaction with the UI elements is possible. Even the virtual keyboard works. But this stops as soon as I leave the activities view and try to enter i.e. an address into the address bar of a browser. Again, the virtual keyboard does not recognize any taps what makes the system unusable.

You cannot even log out from Gnome 3 without attaching a mouse to the wetab.

After this failure I switched the Wetab to KDE. It’s not that optimized for touchscreen usage – but at last I can interact with it via the touchscreen. Sadly the auto-rotation of the screen does not work with KDE. But if you login via GDM you can at least rotate the screen in the correct direction before entering KDE.

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